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Protect Your House or Car From the Sun

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Tired of shielding your eyes from the glare? You can keep harmful sun rays out with a window tinting service. Victory Glass is a trusted tinting company located in Amarillo, TX. We provide auto tinting and window tinting services for homes, offices and retail stores.

Our technicians are certified to work with all types of glass, from traditional to tempered. We can work on any windows that you need tinted. Get a free estimate on our tinting service in Amarillo & Dumas, Texas when you contact us today.

3 benefits of window tinting

Glass windows are great for visibility, and they can make your house or car feel more open and comfortable. But letting the sun in comes with its own set of problems.

Tinting can help by...

  • Protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Keeping your house cooler and lowering your energy bill
  • Reducing glare so you can see everything clearly

Home and auto tinting can also help reduce fading on upholstery, paintings and tapestries.

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